Things you don’t know about me

When Life UNravels

Things you don’t know about me

It seems if I am going to share some of my raw, personal emotions in my book, the least I could do is tell you more about me and share some of the good times in my life.  My life was not always UNraveling.  In fact, I had a wonderful life filled with great memories.

My nieces and nephews are the biggest joys in my life. But my nephew, Vito, named after my Dad, has stolen my heart completely.  If you ask him which finger he has Aunt Christine wrapped around, he will put up both hands.  Did I mention how smart he is? Recently he asked me to go on a dessert date with him.  Nothing could be better than that.

I was in full-time ministry after college before I started a career in corporate America.  I climbed the ladder and was proud of working my way to Vice President of Sales and Marketing with a major corporation. When my Dad became seriously ill, I left my job, moved back home and took care of him full time.  What a blessing to be able to spend the last years of his life together.  My Dad was the wisest man I ever knew. Eventually, I became a caregiver to my Mom while she fought Alzheimer’s.  I spent 5 years taking care of her and God was so good to allow her to stay at home until she took her last breath.  I am forever grateful for both of my parents and the way they raised me and instilled morals and values that are hard to find these days.

I then changed careers and became a licensed Aesthetician.  This was probably the best move I ever made.  I have a passion for this industry and it allows me the opportunity to work with women and enable them to see their God-given true beauty. I recently started to mentor and coach young Aestheticians to help them become successful in this great industry. I love teaching them and watch the excitement build when they realize their potential.

I am an avid reader, a decent cook and dabble in graphic arts. I love big cities (although I live in a small one), love to travel and entertain at home with my friends.  My real enjoyment comes from being able to pray with other woman and provide them with hope and encouragement. I am just your average woman who loves Jesus and became UNstoppable.

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  1. Noreen says:

    I have known Christine for many years. We went bridal gown shopping and I was with her the day she found the perfect dress. Remembering how happy she was to begin her new life then to find it all fall to pieces. She writes about her journey with raw emotion but maintains her class, honor and integrity throughout. This is a must read!

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