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When Life UNravels

Download the first chapter free

I can’t marry you. I’m calling off the wedding. These were the words I heard from the man I loved just weeks before my dream wedding. The man I believed God brought into my life after waiting longer than most to get married. What now? I sold my business and my home to start this next chapter in my life. Now there’s no wedding, no marriage, no business, no home, no next chapter, just emptiness, and despair. Instantly, my happily ever after unraveled and was replaced with deep unrecognizable grief.

God, where are you when life unravels? What do you do when life as you know it drastically changes? I found one answer to this and other questions and tell about my journey in my book When Life Unravels.

I invite you to download the first chapter and begin this incredible journey of healing with me. I pray that you will see God’s hand in the disappointments of life and allow me the honor of praying with you as you face your unraveling. You are not alone. Please let me hear from you.

One reader writes:
“Let’s be honest. Almost all of our lives unravel at some point, but few of us will admit it openly, let alone share the intimate details. This is the real and beautiful story of a woman who was emotionally, psychologically and spiritually ambushed. It is the story of the UNdeniable truth that God brings beauty out of the ashes of our lives when we turn to Him for the answers. In humility, Christine was left hanging on by a thread – an UNraveled thread that God continues to use as He weaves her into one of His masterpieces. I highly recommend this book. It is a must-read for personal growth, for spiritual growth, for building up faith. Read it, share it, choose it in your small group Bible study or book club. ”

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