When Life UNravels

What happens when you get an UNexpected phone call that leaves you devasted and life as you know it will never be the same? This is what happened to the author, Christine Cristina. In this compelling book, Christine shares her very personal and painful journey of how her life UNraveled and her search for answers. Asking God to teach her what she should learn from these broken circumstances, God took her on a journey of UN where she discovered you can be UNstoppable, UNshakable, UNsinkable, UNcommon and UNforgettable in the midsts of life's UNraveling experiences.

About Me

Christine Cristina

Christine Cristina is an author and licensed Aesthetician whose passion is to help women see themselves through God’s perspective. After 20 years of successfully climbing the corporate ladder, she changed careers to the beauty and wellness field where she successfully owned a private Aesthetic spa. During this time, she became an educator and ambassador for two major skin care companies. Christine desires to help women move beyond their outer beauty to see who God intended them to be and understand real beauty from the inside out. Her experience and drive allow her to speak to women with in-depth knowledge about navigating life’s ups and downs and living victoriously through Christ. She is a native New Yorker who now resides in Southwest Florida.


“Let’s be honest. Almost all of our lives unravel at some point, but few of us will admit it openly, let alone share the intimate details. This is the real and beautiful story of a woman who was emotionally, psychologically and spiritually ambushed. It is the story of the UNdeniable truth that God brings beauty out of the ashes of our lives when we turn to Him for the answers. In humility, Christine was left hanging on by a thread – an UNraveled thread that God continues to use as He weaves her into one of His masterpieces. I highly recommend this book. It is a must-read for personal growth, for spiritual growth, for building up faith. Read it, share it, choose it in your small group Bible study or book club. ” 

Carol W

“When Life UNravels is a very powerful story of how to rebuild your life after experiencing tremendous loss. If you are looking to start again, this book is for you…… Read it now.”

Julie Warner, Best-Selling Author of Birth Right

“I am so grateful I read this book. It has helped me get a new perspective on my life that recently UNraveled. It ministered to me and gave me hope that God sees the unraveling and is there all along. How brave of Christine to share her honest emotions. We’ve all been where she was but would never share it in such depth. I highly recommend reading this book so you can heal from your unraveling.” 

Joann C

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