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When Life UNravels

The beauty of every season

Spring of this year I went to visit a friend in New York, 1200 miles from my home in Florida. The scenery was so beautiful. The grass was lush green and soft enough to run barefoot through. The trees stood tall and majestic and I stood in awe of God’s beauty. My second visit took…
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Life in Puzzels

Last night I had a conversation with a dear friend. He asked me if I thought God gives us more than one puzzle to solve at a time. He then said “I hope not.” Wish I could have told him what he wanted to hear but as I contemplated the question, I realized life is…
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Download the first chapter free

I can’t marry you. I’m calling off the wedding. These were the words I heard from the man I loved just weeks before my dream wedding. The man I believed God brought into my life after waiting longer than most to get married. What now? I sold my business and my home to start this…
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Each new year I ask God for scripture to claim as my promise for the upcoming year. This year, I am declaring Leviticus 26: 9 & 10 over my life for 2019. Although this chapter starts with a warning, verses 3-13 outlines the blessings God has in store for those who walk in obedience. These…
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  This morning I read a beautiful letter written from a Dad to his six-month-old daughter. A letter filled with such profound wisdom, insight, and love it moved me to tears. I immediately contacted this Dad and he gave me permission to share it.           Dear Daughter,             Sometimes you’ll be too much woman. Too…
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